Welcome to caoutchouc.cc!

Hi there. I'm developing a wallet service on top of a digital money network called Nano. Nano is a crypto currency that settles Transactions in under half a second over the internet. It's also feeless so you can exchange it like cash, but over the internet. But don't take my word for it. See yourself – it's pretty cool. I think small to medium sized businesses have different needs and use cases and should therefore have their own wallet. A business might need a payroll feature which is a recurring transaction. Or they may want to pay automatically just when the goods of a supplier arrive. The wallet should allow the user to enter transaction details in a quick and easy way. Even if the user wants to sent Nano to 100 addresses from a spreadsheet. And because this is not what anyone needs - I call it the YAGNI wallet. It will be published here when it is ready and I will post updates on my YouTube Channel.


I think businesses using nano are essential to Nanos success as a currency. But how does this fit? A main trait of crypto currencies is that all transactions and accounts can be looked at with a block explorer. For Nano (XNO) this would be Nanolooker.com. Businesses using Nano would have a diadvantage to their competitors because their transactions are semi-transparent (meaning one can see them but does not know who is behind the accounts). But instead of focusing on this weakness i want to present to you the transparent business. Transparent businesses should be responsible, not anonymous and held accountable with all the information they emmit. Maybe this is the next step for more trust in our economy rather than the trustless systems that web 3.0 suggests.


Nano was created for everybody to be used as money for everyday transactions and everyday people. However Nano can be used for criminal actions like ransomware payments and moneylaundering quite effectively. We as the builders and visionaries in the Nano Community have to whatch out for solutions too this Problem. So I propose a to embrace the the transperency of the blockchain and use it for all entities where privacy concerns don't apply. Consumers do not have to be transparent but businesses using Caoutchouc and their partners have to be transparent.


Building Caoutchouc
create a Community arround it
found businesses and make them transparent on the caoutchouc and nano ecosystem